What is a retreat?

A retreat is a time of withdrawing or taking time away from something. Generally, it’s time away from one’s everyday life, with the purpose of seeking quiet, solitude, rest, relaxation, introspection, or re-connection. A retreat can be a time to lose ourselves. Or find ourselves. To explore or challenge ourselves. To open our hearts and eyes to learn more about the world. To travel to a different place, a state of mind, or our own hidden passages. Overall, though, a retreat is a way to keep our minds awake and aware. To transform.

At Wayfinders Yoga, along with Wayfinders Travel, a division of Melanie Carroll Psaltakis, LLC, we create retreat experiences that transform. From tranquil turquoise beaches to bustling urban centers, from hot air balloon rides to photographing the northern lights in the Arctic Circle, our retreats provide moments of quiet, relaxation, adventure, and connection. They also focus on a commitment to support local communities, to partake of delicious, wholesome local cuisine, to travel as a participant rather than a spectator by being aware of how our choices, attitudes, and actions affect others around us, and to be thankful for the gift of travel.

Will you join us?